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This is a one-time fee. Please contact us first to reserve a Battle.

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Battle sponsorship means that the first Target (receives the most gameplays) in a Battle is dedicated to your brand. It entitles you to the following:

  • Target image based on your logo.
  • Your name, description, image below the Target, linked back to you.
  • Your name in the battle description, linked back to you.

For example, Battle #4 was sponsored by SitePoint. And Target #21 is their sponsored Target.

Play screen showing sponsored ad location below the target
Screenshot of a sponsored target play screen

Why choose Target sponsorship?

CSSBattle is one of its kind game for frontend developers. Target Sponsorship brings your brand/logo in front of some of the best developers in the world. Here are some amazing stats about the game:

  • Registered developers: 200K+
  • Daily active players: 3000+
  • Monthly pageviews: 750K
  • Twitter reach: 30K impressions per month
  • Visitors from: 200 countries
  • Average session duration: ~10 minutes