Featured player of the month - Jeroen Meijers

Hello players! 👋🏼 Hope you are enjoying reading and knowing our wonderful CSSBattle players. New month, new player, today we have with us - Jeroen Meijers a.k.a jeme. Jeroen is the current Rank #3 player on CSSBattle and he joined us on 18th November 2020! Please join us in welcoming Jeroen!

Jeroen Meijers #

Hoi Jeroen, we are honoured to have you as a part of CSSBattle! 🙇🏼‍♂️ Our readers would like to know more about you. Please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Jeroen Meijers and I am living in the Netherlands. I am working as Creative Director and Front-end development lead in a media company where we design and develop platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus etc. Besides my passion for UI/UX design, I am passioned about more creative activities: graphic design, motion design, photography and play in a few bands a couple of times a week.
So cool! 😁 How did you come to know about CSSBattle?
One of my interns was already playing on CSSBattle and challenged me into beating his score (he was sure he outsmarted me, since he knew already some of the nice tricks to reduce code length). I couldn't let that happen of course so I started to play a bit and found out I was being consumed by the thrive to beat not only his, but everyone's score. Diving into the core of CSS/HTML and surprising yourself of what you can achieve with so little code has been a nice journey.
Haha...the classic addiction swamp 😄! What are your thoughts on CSS? What makes it interesting for you?
The reason I like CSS so much, is the fact that you can create anything you want. I started out as an interaction designer, but later I started learning to code myself in order to build my own designs the way I intended it. I love the challenge of creating all elements of the design. The way different layers of HTML and CSS work, override, change or modify each other in any way makes it so interesting to dive deep into the core of CSS.
Many people say "CSS is easy or it's not really a programming language". What do you want to say to those people?
Many people think CSS is used for coloring, simple positioning and scaling parts the HTML and no calculations/logics are used to achieve the goal. When working with responsive websites/apps for phones, laptops or TV screens, a lot of calculations can be needed. The more elements a website consists of, the more calculations/logics can be used. If you want to see how deep CSS can go, try to get into the top 10 of some targets of CSSBattle, and you will see a lot of logics are needed.
Absolutely! Any tip/suggestion for people who are starting to learn CSS?
Mostly: enjoy the fact you can create something and have fun! Start by applying all kinds of CSS attributes to some default HTML elements and see what it does to the element. Try to define why some attributes work with some elements better than others. Starting this way you know how CSS can affect the HTML and you get a better understanding into how to link some of the elements together later in the process.
What's the best part of playing at CSSBattle? Has it helped you in any way?

The best part of playing at CSSBattle is the challenge for myself and the whole community behind it. With new updates of Chromium, new CSS features are introduced. The first place I learn these new features is through CSSBattle. In the Discord of CSSBattle a lot of techniques, approaches and ideas are shared and discussed. This opens some doors in my brain sometimes redefine the way I wrote CSS for targets on CSSBattle, but also for my own websites/apps.

What's that one thing you want to see in CSSBattle next?
I like the community of CSSBattle a lot. What I would like to see, is more social components. Think of features such as 2v2, where you can battle with a CSSBattle buddy against others or more interactions such as 'like' buttons on new record messages, more messages about changes in top 3 of targets etc. Interaction with each other is what makes it great!

I love to keep playing on CSSBattle, you guys have done a nice job with this concept and has been a pleasure to play on for the past years. The way other people challenge me each day is a nice motivation to keep playing. Especially users like Beo, Ilya, Gunnar and Vincent have challenged me past years into pushing every bit of effort into finding that 1 magic character I can get rid of.

Thanks to the whole community into making CSSBattle great, and I am looking forward for new features and targets the coming years!

Lot of that stuff in our pipeline for you! Its been an honour to have you over at CSSBattle, Jeroen! We hope to make CSSBattle enjoyable and a learning experience for everyone. Thanks for your time and cheers to many more battles!

Hope you had a nice time getting to know Jeroen. We'll see you soon with one more amazing CSSBattle player! Do follow us on Twitter to know about our next post and awesome new updates coming to CSSBattle. Until next time, cya!

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