Hello World. Let's CSSBattle!

Hey Players! We got a new shiny blog! For the ones who have landed here as a first-time visitor to CSSBattle, CSSBattle is the first ever code-golfing game for CSS! There are targets which you need to replicate in CSS (or HTML if you please) in the smallest possible code. More match and smaller code get you more score. And that is how you climb the ladder for the ultimate CSS glory!!

Why CSSBattle? #

I & Kushagra Agarwal (yes, we both are named Kushagra, and it's not at all a common name here 馃槂) are both CSS freaks. We keep doing weird CSS experiments in our free time. For example, check out this amazing CSS-only iPhone Kushagra Agarwal made back in 2012. Crazy right?! I made a pixel art app which exports your drawing to just HTML/CSS. CSSBattle is our way to express our love for CSS and giving back to the wonderful CSS community. We want it to be a platform when players from all over the world can have fun while learning a few things and competing in a game full of CSS challenges.

Some fun stats #

It has been around 30 days since we launched. And here are some fun stats about CSSBattle:

  • 17000+ players worldwide
  • Over 180K code submissions
  • Minimum bytes used on a target: just 54 bytes! 馃く
  • A lovely community forum of 1000+ players and 50+ conversations

Why play CSSBattle? #

As I said, CSSBattle is a place where we want developers to have some fun with CSS while learning a thing or two. It is a game where pros can show-off their crazy CSS skills and newbies can practice their CSS while recreating lovely visual target images. We can't express how much new CSS we have learned personally while playing CSSBattle.

It may seem that being a code-golfing game, it's all about hacks and parser exploits. It is, but not just about that. Getting higher scores also requires the player to try different creative approaches to recreate the target images. It makes you explore new CSS properties/values and develop a more creative thinking which definitely helps you in real-life projects also.

鈿狅笍 Fair Warning #

We always give this warning while introducing CSSBattle, because it's important to know beforehand 馃構

CSSBattle is highly fun and addictive. We can have seen people losing their sleep, having weird dreams, getting late to meet friends, skipping project deadlines and what not. Enter at your own risk!

Happy CSSBattle-ing!!

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