Introducing - Custom Battles!

Hey players! You've probably already played some of the battles that we had handcrafted for you over the past year. Today, we give that power to you.

Introducing Custom Battles ✨ #

To recap, Battles are a collection of unique targets with their own separate leaderboard. Each Battle runs for a set amount of days/weeks and once it's finished, the Battle leaderboard is locked, and the winners are crowned.

With Custom Battles, you can organize your own CSS Battles for your audience. Upload your own targets, set your own duration, and get your own leaderboards.

To get started, look for this new section on the homepage.

To organize a custom battle, just click on the Host Battle button and follow the instructions.

Who can organize custom battles? #

Anyone can organize a custom battle and invite players to it. Few examples where custom battle can be done - if you are organizing a conference, a meetup, in your engineering team as a fun event, school event or if you just want to have fun with your team/friends.

Battle Modes #

Custom Battles have 2 available modes:

  1. Classic code-golfing mode - Usual gameplay where lesser characters get you more score.
  2. Time-attack mode - No code-golfing here, the fastest to get 100% matches on most targets wins!

How much does it cost? #

The pricing is based on the type of battle you want to origanize:

  • Small Battle (5 mins to 24 hours): $199
  • Large Battle (1 day to 7 days): $399

You can purchase credits by going into Settings -> Custom Battle Credits.

We also offer discounts to educators, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Feel free to contact us if you're looking to organize a battle and fall into one of these categories.

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