Introducing Battles and an Update on SVGs

When we first launched CSSBattle, we had planned to add more targets with time but after a few suggestions from players and looking at how the existing targets were played, we decided to introduce new targets through a system which we'd now refer to as "Battles"! 馃敟

What's a Battle? #

A Battle is a collection of unique targets with its own separate leaderboard. Each Battle runs for a set amount of days/weeks and once it's finished, the Battle leaderboard is locked, and the winners are crowned.

The targets in a Battle will still be playable even after a Battle is over and changes in target leaderboard rankings will still occur. This will also affect the rankings in the global leaderboard.

Get ready for the next Battle! #

The next Battle is going to commence on 9th May (1pm CEST). It's going to have a total of 6 targets which will be revealed over 3 weeks. This will also put an end to the current Battle and its leaderboard will be locked.

To get an email as soon as the new Battle is launched, click on the "Get notified via Email when it's live" button on the homepage.

Update regarding SVGs #

After a lot of discussion with existing players, we have decided to disallow submissions with SVG in them. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The game is called "CSSBattle" so allowing SVGs in the solutions defeats the whole purpose.
  • SVG is a completely different skillset with a steep learning curve and hence it's unfair to the players who are playing with just CSS.

With this change, we'll also be removing the solutions containing any SVG code. Note, this change is not going to affect the leaderboard of Battle #1, but it's going to affect the rankings in the global leaderboard.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out on Twitter. We'll see you in the next Battle!

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