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CSSBattle is free and will always be free to play. Upgrading to PLUS gives you the following additional sweet benefits that make playing on CSSBattle a little more fun and enjoyable for you.

$3 / month

$36 / year

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Cancel anytime. 100% refund if cancelled within 7 days. Additional taxes may apply.

Plus membership benefits ✨

  • 1

    Play past daily targets

    With CSSBattle Plus, you'll be able to play all the previous daily targets and see their top solutions

  • 2

    Add plugins to the code editor

    Want to minify your code automatically before submitting? Or maybe convert all the px units to in with a press of a button? With plugins, you'll be able to do all that and more

  • 3

    Advanced target stats

    Get a bird's-eye view on your performance in battles with our advance stats. See where you're performing well and where you're lagging behind

  • 4

    Unlimited submissions history

    Be able to see all your past submissions on every target (otherwise limited to last 5 submissions)

  • 5

    VSCode Editor

    Feel at home with the VSCode editor? We've got you covered

  • 6

    Plus badge Pro

    Get a shiny badge on your profile picture wherever it appears across CSSBattle 😎